Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Visit to the Botanical Gardens, 

Rescuing Shelly the Turtle,

and I Made a Dress

          It was a lovely week for the most part.  My friend Tina and I spent a day at the Botanical Gardens after deciding that we should take more time to do something just for the fun of it. At first we both said, "But I feel so far behind." Then we decided, "Behind what? Are we in a race? Who are we racing with?" We decided we felt "behind" on our To-Do list. And no matter how hard we work, we decided, we have NEVER caught up with it--so why worry about that? So off we went, and we were so glad we did.  Making memories is more fun than scratching off one more item on one's To-Do list any day. The gardens were a perfect place to enjoy nature and each other.
          First we sat outside at the cafe' and had lunch. Then we walked through the park to the Japanese gardens--my favorite spot in the world for a relaxing and soothing natural environment.  I had Tina take a snapshot of me sitting in a special spot by a stream in the Japanese garden because I had taken so many photos of our daughter Erin in that spot when she was a little girl.  We always took a picnic, a blanket, and art supplies. She so loved sitting there and drawing the arched bridge across the water from that vantage point.
          Yesterday it was raining as I was rushing home from running errands when I spotted a box turtle on our street--not a safe spot for a turtle to be.  So I jumped out and grabbed him and brought him home, and released him in our back yard.  He was quite perturbed at my intrusion, but quickly headed down to the woods, which is where he was headed in the first place.  We always name our found turtles Shelly. (My husband is so witty.)
          I wanted to show you a simple knit dress I made from a pattern I made myself by just tracing a top I like and making it longer. I decided it was a waste of time to set in sleeves, so I just made them part of the front and back. No zipper needed, just make the neckline large enough to go over your head. This two piece pattern is about as easy as it gets, and is super comfortable for summer.  I think dresses are the coolest way to go in the hot, humid summer weather.  But it's hard to find a casual dress anymore, so why not just make one? It only took a couple of hours once I had the pattern made. And fitting is super simple with an A-line design. I'm thinking of setting in side pockets next time, again just adding them onto the one piece on the side seams. I think I'll make more of them this summer, trying a cotton fabric next. 
          I hope you have had a pleasant week, and that you will find something special to do this week--just for the fun of it. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Making Pillows & Lavender Sachets

From Vintage Linens 

That Are A Bit Imperfect 

and Thrifted Fabrics.

And Callie Cat is 15 Years Old 
She Received a Hello Kitty Balloon
And A New Mouse Toy.

We call her Elder-Cat.
She has gotten skinny and frail,
and only wants to eat kitty treats--
so of course she gets all she wants!

And plenty of sun-bathing.

 And Rosie Loves Her Ipad
She thinks bedtime is Ipad Time.

What's the Squirrel Smelling?

Birdie Smack-Down!

Then A Nap.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

A Late Spring

     Excuse me if I whine, but I swear this is the coldest, greyest, rainiest and latest spring I can remember, and I've lived here all my life! There. I feel better.  That said, it is finally showing signs of spring on this last week of April. So my friend Darlene texted me and said, "How about we take a walk in the park?" to which I replied, "Yes! Lets do!" So even though it was still a bit grey, the colors were gorgeous. Especially the hills of bluebells underneath the barren canopy of the woods. It was so wonderful to peek my head outdoors, like a turtle poking out of its shell. The best part was the white blossoming pear trees. I don't know how it has been where you live, but hopefully you are enjoying spring, too!