Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back from Vacay to Alaska!

Yes, Sweetface and I skipped out of town to avoid the inevitable August
100 degree heat wave here in Missouri.  We found cool, crisp 60's in Alaska!
We flew into Anchorage, took a Glacier Cruise in Whittier, and enjoyed a couple of days
at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, as well as all the sights in between:


It was a wonderful and refreshing time, of course.
I will try to share more photos with you next week.
Now, back to work for us!


  1. My husband has always wanted to take a trip to Alaska. Whenever I think of Alaska, I think of cold, but after seeing your beautiful pictures, maybe an August in the next few years would be the perfect time to go. Welcome back! :)

    1. Yes, indeed, I do believe August is the best time. Maybe we can meet up in Alaska?

  2. Ahh..60's..perfect weather! What a beautiful place. Love all the furs hanging for sale. My oldest son loves pioneering shows and recently finished watching episodes of Life Below Zero (all about self-sustaining families living in Alaska). Welcome home!

    1. Oh, yes, I DVR that show and watch every one of the episodes. Those folks are much sturdier stock than I am! (However, they might not make it in our heat and humidity.)