Sunday, March 1, 2015

Orchid Show

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     The Missouri Botanical Society annual orchid show is a sight for sore eyes at this time of year. Who isn't starved for the sight and smell of real flowers in the frigid middle of winter? So it was a pleasure to meet up with girlfriends there, and then enjoy a snack and some laughs in the cafĂ©'. Sadly, when I got there and pulled out my DSLR camera I found that the battery was dead--not uncharged, but dead in needing to be totally replaced. So I took these photos with my cellphone, and it worked just about as well, I thought.
     We got quite a kick out of three of us who rode together showing up all in dots. We decided to call ourselves The Dot Girls.  Ha!
     Here's to spring soon!


  1. Oh, perfect way to spend a day this time of year. I'm joining a friend next week to go to the orchid show at the Bronx Botanical Garden. I can't wait! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Hope all is going well with your new shop.