Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The BEST Way to Cook Corn On The Cob!

How did I live this long and never knew this? Maybe you didn't know it either, so just in case I will let you in on this Easy, Fast way to prepare fresh corn on the cob.  Just take the whole, unshucked ear of corn and lay it in the microwave, like this. Then cook it on high for 4 minutes. That's it. For two ears it's 8 minutes, and so forth. Easy so far?

Then remove the corn and lay it on a cutting board.  Cut off the bottom end with a large serrated edged knife.

Then here's the fun part: just pick up the ear of corn at the top, by the hairy end, and give it a good shake until the ear of corn falls out.  (If it doesn't fall out you might not have cut it up high enough on the bottom end.)

There it is--perfectly clean and perfectly cooked.  Not a piece of silk on it!
And the easiest way to butter it? Just slather a piece of sliced bread with butter and roll the ear of corn in it until it is dripping with goodness. Yum!

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