Thursday, May 24, 2012

Home Making Is Also About Beauty

When we think of being a homemaker what is the first mental image that springs to mind? Housework? House slave? Scrubbing toilets? Picking up piles of toys? That is often what comes to mind, I am afraid. Pictures of endless drudgery.

But homemaking is SO much more than just cleaning the house. (And, really, cleaning the house is not all that awful, as soon to be revealed in my new book--coming soon!)  Homemaking also includes one of my favorite things to do, which is making your home Beautiful! Ta-da! That changes us from House Slave to happy "Artist-in-Residence". Can we please bring that thought to mind when we consider homemaking from now on?

But seriously, we can even find scriptural evidence that having a beautiful home is a good thing. While reading today's Proverb (Prov24:3,4 NAB) I came across this:

"By wisdom a house is built,

And by understanding it is established;

And by knowledge the rooms are filled

With all precious and pleasant riches."

Now that sounds beautiful to me! Does that mean we are to be consumed with materialism? Of course not. Does that mean we are to spend money we don't have budgeted to decorate our home? Hardly. But does that mean the beauty is an important part of homemaking? I definitely think so. 

Where else are we going to set standards for our children? Where else are we going to glorify God? Where else will our family go for a restoring retreat from the world? Our home should be not only a place of rest and restoration, but a Beautiful Place. To set the stage for beauty we must first provide a background of cleanliness, which does require us to get the housework out of the way.  But then we become artists! We take what seems ordinary and make it beautiful. This is a piece of art I created from little things I had around the house; antique player piano rolls, pressed flora, a found feather, etc.  Alone they did not make a statement, but it's all about the presentation.

It doesn't have to be expensive, either, to create a beautiful home.  Today I have the luxury of many beautiful things in my home that I have collected over the years (although none are particularly expensive, mind you.) But even in the early years of homemaking, like every young wife, I searched for ways to beautify my home inexpensively. 

Really, there is nothing more beautiful than a simple bouquet of home grown daisies in a Mason jar, or a basket of annuals on the porch.  One of the  most gorgeous floral arrangements I ever saw was made from some weeds I stopped and cut on the side of a busy road on a hot summer day.  I filled a big green glass vase full of blooming purple Thistle and a variety of dried weeds that I thought were pretty. They were living, they were lovely, and they were Free! I would love to hear from you about something that you have done to beautify your home. Just leave a comment below.

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