Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Make an Apron with a Vintage Towel

I admit it--I am a vintage linens addict.  Especially embroidered linens. With crocheted trim.  There is nothing sweeter than old linens, like my grandmother sat making hour after hour, happy as she could be.  My grandmother taught me the value of creating something out of nothing.  She came through the Great Depression, and she learned to create beauty from a piece of plain muslin and a skein of embroidery floss.  She taught me to embroider when I was 9 years old.  So I appreciate the hours of love that go into each vintage hankie, dresser scarf, or dish towel.  I admit to having quite a collection, a chest of drawers crammed full as well as an old drying rack full of vintage pieces and handmade laces.

So every now and then I like to create something from one of my favorite pieces.  This week I made a full bib apron from an embroidered dish towel.  You can do the same thing without any great sewing skills.  Just take a vintage dishtowel or similar type of item and match it to a nice piece of cotton fabric that coordinates in colors and that vintage feeling. 

I like to use fabrics that I already have to use up some of my stash.  This is a cute gardening themed cottage-look fabric.  Then lay it all out and decide how you want to showcase the linen on the apron.

Then use any apron pattern for your "background".  I love bib aprons that protect you on top, as well as your skirt, when you are cooking. And I especially like having a double thickness of fabric, which this dish towel provides.

I decided it turned out so well that I will make it the first item in my new Home For Good Shoppe on ETSY.  I've never had an ETSY shop before, and have long wished I did.  I sell a lot of mostly vintage items on my eBay store, but handmade items just don't seem right there. So take a peek at my Shoppe at the button on the top right if you like it.  Please leave a comment on whether you think I should make more, or how I could make it even more creative.

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