Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Make A Summer Flag Banner

We all love to bring out new things with the change of the seasons. But buying something new every time the seasons change can get quite expensive. How much more fun it is to invite a friend over to make something creatively different.  That's just what my neighbor, Janine, and I often do.  We get together in my studio for a fun artsy-crafty day, and we never fail to walk away with something really unique that we enjoy for a long time.

We pulled out lots of magazine pictures, old sheet music, glues, glitters, and whatever else looked interesting.  Janine made her flags out of mostly greens and pink, while mine turned out more black and ivory.  We cut and glued like kids in kindergarten for the entire afternoon.

(Note the libations, which always seems to make us more "creative"!)

After glueing my old music sheets to a sturdy paper backing I cut around the edges with pinking shears, then trimmed each flag in an antique lace.  Then I found some pretty old gold gilt "frames" that I had scored at an estate sale and put one on each flag.

  Then we cut out drawings that we copied from an old book
 and centered one over each gold frame.

Then I found some wooden Scrabble letters and glued one on the bottom of each flag
 to spell out  "F-A-I-T-H".  Then we ran a piece of twine through to top of each flag to hang.

We were both very happy with our final projects.  Mine is now hanging over our fireplace mantle.

I think it adds a little whimsey to the room!

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  1. What a cute idea! Love the papers you two used :)