Monday, May 21, 2012

Neighborhood BBQ Party!

Fortunately for the rest of us, our neighbors Heather and Tim host an annual bar-be-que party at their lovely home right across the street from us. And fortunately for us, Chef Tim is an avid collector of BBQ pits (a new one to show off every year--this year a honk'in huge smoker!), and he is quite the cook! He prepares quite a slate of meats, from ribs, to pulled pork, to chicken, to brats.

They also prepare lots of delicious side dishes, to which the rest of us contribute a dish, making quite a selection of good summer food.  (I forgot to photograph the desserts and appetizers!)

The guests spread out on the deck (with the gorgeous view)...

The kitchen...

and the rest of the house.

Thank you Heather and Tim for a fabulous time!
(Are there any leftovers???)

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