Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A Place Where Hearts Were Broken


A few weeks ago Sweetface and I spent a few days in New York City, and of course we visited the site of the World Trade Center.  Sadly it has taken too many years to construct the new One World Trade Center, but it was finally dedicated on April 30th.  It was nearly finished when we took this photo.

This photo was taken from the grounds of the 9-11 Memorial.  It was such a heartbreaking place. People are quiet there as they walk around the walls inscribed with the names of those innocents who were murdered on that day.  Little tokens of love have been left by family and friends, which are poignant reminders of the hearts that have been broken there. Not just American hearts, but hearts all over the world, were broken at the World Trade Center.

The water that falls into the openings in the ground seem like never ending tears.

And at the nearby St. Paul's Chapel, where relief workers were given rest and respite for the harrowing months of post-9-11 clean up, people still bring tokens and photos of loved ones lost.

And firemen and rescue workers from all over the world still lovingly lay their badges there.

Here is a photo of the memorial quilt I created after 9-11.  Until that time I had only made traditional quilts.  But I wanted to express my own grief through the only art form I knew at the time.  So this is how I expressed the horror I felt at the breach of America's peaceful happiness.

Since 9-11 my quilting craft has since evolved into a more creative artful form of expression.  I learned that what one creates can become an expression of what is spilling out of your heart.  From making art quilts I branched out into other venues of creativity.  But this remains my most cherished piece.  It reminds me to walk in humility before the Lord, who will judge us one day on whether we walked in love on this planet...or not. I hope this blog will become an expression of His love.

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