Friday, May 4, 2012

Some of Our Best Friends Are Mules

When our two oldest granddaughters, Gretchen (14) and Heidi (12), stayed with us last week they were SO excited to go visit "Aunt" Becky and "Uncle" Bob (dear friends; now adopted family)to meet the new additions to the farm.  Their names are "Beuford" and "Jessie".  They are 3 and 4 year old brother and sister Missouri mules.

They are both very smart and quite reliable and trustworthy at any job given them, such as pulling the wagon. However they can be quite mischevous also. They often jump over the fence to roll around on greener grass, or to go swimming in the pond. And Beuford has an appetite for anything leather (like hats or bridles hanging in the barn) or, in a pinch, a little rope. (Don't let that innocent face fool you!)

So Gretchen and Heidi enjoyed riding the wagon accompanied by Yale, the German Shorthair Pointer, and all around clown.

Then the girls got to ride bareback on the beautiful, big Percheron horses, Page and Jaxon, who were purchased from an Amish family.

No wonder the girls just LOVE their sweet Aunt Becky--Thank You!

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