Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tea Cart End Table


It seems a lot more fun to use the unexpected when decorating. That's why I was happy to find this shabby petite sized tea cart sitting in a forlorn corner of an antique mall--cheap! I snagged it faster than you can imagine. It went from tea cart to end table in no time flat.

Then I loaded that puppy down with as many little decorative
 details as I could find.

A vase of pink tulips (vase from garage sale), a lion trinket box (from the Smithsonian Museum shop in D.C.), an antique teapot (antique mall), a bird paperweight (gift), and a small round green malachite clock (design store many years ago), all sit on an antique Sheffield silver tray (estate sale find)
--all bring back happy memories.

Down below I arranged a vignette with a porcelain kitten found in a thrift shop (You know I love cats! Yes, I want to marry them!), a sheaf of dried lavender (that I bought from "Elizabeth House" before she closed and broke my heart! The tag is still there.), and a little collection of paperweights purchased mostly on eBay and thrift shops. (I am addicted to paperweights!)

And, best of all, tucked away in a cozy place is "A Man Among Men," my Sweetface. I bought the frame from the Mary Engelbreit store; again before it closed and broke my heart!(But Sweetface mended it.)

These are things I have gathered over many years of thrifting and collecting. Isn't it wonderful to have things that have a special memory, rather than just Pottery Barn items ordered from a catalog? History is a wonderful thing when decorating, I think!

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