Friday, May 11, 2012

Who Doesn't Love M&M's?

Who doesn't love chocolate of any kind, in fact? I can hardly get through a day without my chocolate fix! Do you have a secret stash of chocolate in the house? Hidden from your family--even your husband? Well, who else would you hide it from; everyone knows they would only eat it!

I guess that's why M&M's are so popular--chocolate goodness readily accessible in little hard shells that are as colorful as they are tasty.  When Sweetface and I visited New York City several weeks ago I insisted that we visit the M&M store in Times Square.  Oh, my goodness, you cannot imagine the amazing products they had there on 3 levels.  Everything from candy to clothing to toys to collectibles of every kind imaginable!

Recently I was fortunate enough to come across some vintage M&M collectibles that I listed in my  eBay store.  They were gathered over several years by a true M&M's lover who had to downsize and let them go.  I was certainly willing to take them off his hands! 

These M&M dispensers are a crack up!

I will miss these cuties after they sell.  But I will have my M&M's in my secret stash!

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