Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chinese Lantern Festival

Our family enjoyed an evening at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis at this first-ever event, the Lantern Festival.  It was a colorful event to say the least. As the evening grew darker, the colors grew brighter and brighter.

Ten year old Sofie took lots of photos.

The sunset started bringing out the lights.

A white dragon near the geodome breathes smoke as the skies darken.

Upon closer examination you can see that this white dragon is constructed of something very interesting....white and blue porcelain plates!

Then we saw a boat in a moat, also constructed of something very interesting...

It is made lighted plastic bottles!

Many Chinese religious and mythical stories were represented colorfully.

Many Buddhist gods were featured prominently.

The displays were indeed beautiful and colorful. It was a perfect weather evening to stroll through these and many other vignettes with our family.  And yet I was left wondering as our family enjoyed a peer into another culture.  Why have we never seen, here or in any other city, a similar display of our own Christian heritage?  Is Christianity the only culture that is taboo in America today?

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