Monday, June 25, 2012

Playing in the River with Horses

       Our four grandchildren just left after staying with us for three weeks, so my blog (and everything else around here) got a bit neglected.  No apologies -- I was having way too much fun playing with children! Of course we spent a day at "Aunt Becky's and Uncle Bob's" farm. It was a gorgeous, halcyon day for sure.  Becky led the children and her two Percherons, Page and Jaxson, like the Pied Piper, down to the river that runs through the farm.  Great fun ensued...

The horses patiently allowed the children to crawl up on their backs and use them as diving boards.



All the horsing around was followed up with a little freshwater clam hunting by Sofie and Ben.

I've never seen happier children.  As for Mr. Clam, maybe not so much?