Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot Days in the Missouri--Even for Rosie

Rosie absolutely loves our screened in porch/deck.  She lives out there whenever the weather is bearable.  But it has been so hot, something like ten straight days over 100 degrees; up to 107, that some days she just says, "No way I'm going out there."  So I was happy to see her go out on the porch this morning and at least lie on a chair for a while. I took photos through the patio door.  First she just looked kind of hot and tired.

Then she noticed the birds on the feeder.

She started chattering at the birds.

Then I caught her at the end of a big yawn--which looks hysterical!

Then she decided it was enough heat. 
She took a big final stretch and said, "Time to go back to the air conditioning."

She really is a house cat, after all.


  1. Cute Kitty! Too bad she's so shy! Love the photos...

    1. Rosie is very shy around strangers, but we appreciate her affection when we don't have visitors in the house.

  2. Great photos...Cute kitty pix. Thanks for sharing Rosie.

  3. Rosie says, "Thanks! I think I'm pretty cute, too."