Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Remembering Fun with Grandchildren

Well, they are back home in Mississippi now, but Sweetface ("Grandfather" to them) and I enjoyed having all four of them here for three whole, wonderful weeks.  Here are a few clips of their stay...

The girls pored over a book about changing fashions over the centuries, which we found at a local garage sale.  I intended to put it on eBay for a good price, but now I can't bear to part with it!

Every night they took turns sleeping on our screened-in back deck, overlooking the woods.
Here Sofie and Ben enjoyed the porch.

One afternoon "Grandfather" and I took them to Des Peres Park for a picnic.

Gretchen was looking forward to roller blading on the blacktop paths.

But a park employee ran a black hose across a blacktop pathway, causing her to take a nasty fall! Grandfather rushed to the nearby store and got first aid supplies. 
Soon he was doctoring her badly scraped knee tenderly.

Then we all walked down to the lake, encountering some geese along the way.

The Guinea Fowl were all about, too.

Yesterday I made a simple collage of some of the tickets, wristbands, and artwork the remain behind now that the children are gone. Some of the places they visited were Circus Flora, Six Flags, The City Museum, the Missouri Botanical Gardens, the Magic House, and the Open Door Animal Sanctuary, among others. I like to look at this and remember a few of the fun events we enjoyed together those short few weeks they were here.  And we look forward to their return.

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