Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Third Thursday Ladies Luncheon

     A couple of years ago I started a monthly tradition with a handful of friends in the neighborhood that we call the "Third Thursday Luncheon Ladies" or TTLL for short. We take turns hosting lunch, or grazing on appetizers, or whatever, and mostly talking, laughing, and sometimes knitting or working on a project we have brought. Sometimes we even change the date due to someone being out of town, but it's still our Third Thursday group. Last week we gathered at Janine's home. From left to right there is Dianne, Arline, Joy, Janine, and Karen.

     These are just the appetizers!

And the "other" Diane brought these delightful cheesecakes with pine nuts--yum!
 (Recipes to follow in a later post!)

And the Sangria was very freshly made by Janine.

The dining table was set for a queen!

Janine's cold strawberry soup was like melted sherbet.

And the ambience was delightful in Janine's home.

We stayed until after four o'clock, talking, laughing, enjoying one another so much. We hated to see the afternoon end.  A whole month seems like a long time to wait for another "Third Thursday."  Even ZuZu thinks so.


  1. How fun! What a great tradition you gals keep up. I love seeing my college girlfriends, but we're limited to once/year or so since many live miles away.
    I'm sure you had a great time here. And I really agree with your earlier post about the Colorado shootings. Pure evil, through and through - not a mere tragedy. It is heartwarming to have since heard so many stories of courage and selflessness from the actions of movie-goers.
    Take care Linda,

  2. What fun!! That Sangria looks wonderful considering the 103 degree heat we are having right now. Zuzu is so darn cute,,,,,
    Thanks for the great post!!