Friday, August 3, 2012

Ditching the Dishwasher

Ever get in one of those moods where you don't want to use the dishwasher anymore? You just want to go back to basics and wash them by hand? I do, rarely, but every now and then. I know, that's a bit weird for most folks. But sometimes with just Sweetface and me living here we really don't need to use the dishwasher. I am grateful to have a dishwasher for the large majority of the time, but sometimes I get tired of the dreariness of having to empty out the whole thing at one time. Don't you just hate that?

So it turns out that I was given the most luxurious bottle of dishwashing soap for my birthday and it smells so wonderful. I think I want to not only wash the dishes by hand, but take a whole bath in it. It is "Lemon Verbena" natural kitchen soap by Mangiacotti. To die for, if that's even possible for dishwashing detergent. And it has a nifty little thingy like you have on a fancy olive oil dispenser right on top. And a bow!

Somehow it feels comforting to do the handwashing dishes routine like I did as a girl growing up. The simplicity of it is soothing to me, much like my other daily routine house chores. It reminds me of when we had a washing machine but no dryer when I was a child and we had to hang our laundry on the line in the back yard. I have not yet returned to drying clothes on the line (what line?), but sometimes I daydream about it. 

So abandoning the dishwasher led me to also ditch the old plastic dish drainer, too! Is there any such thing as a good looking dish drainer? I replaced it with something I found at Costco--a flat microfiber drying pad.  They come in a package of two. Each one is tan colored on one side and green on the other side.  You can use one while washing the other one. Or you can use them both at the same time when you have a lot of dishes to dry. They are thick and don't skid.  You just lay the dishes on it to dry. I like them, just by themselves. So uncluttered, so simple, and so easy! 

Hey. Maybe it's time to give up the electric toothbrush?

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  1. Frankly speaking we have yet to get a dishwasher at home, but all said and done I think hand washed gives the best results.
    By the way anything Lemon goes down my lane :-)