Saturday, August 11, 2012

Latest Floral Creation On a Dime

Sadly, it has been so hot here in the Midwest that even the nice potted flowers on our front porch have been fried.  The front porch faces southwest and it is a covered porch, so it serves much like an oven in the afternoon heat.  If only I had known of the coming scorching heat I would have potted cacti instead of the lovely annuals you saw this spring, which are long gone.  So, what to do? I did have this gorgeous basket given to me by a friend for my birthday (a year ago!) which I had never taken the time to utilize.  So now is the time.

On my regular Friday errands outing I stopped at Michael's Crafts Store to see what I might find in the silk flowers department.  Lucky for me,  I also had the Michael's app downloaded on my smartphone (it's smarter than me!), where I found a 20% off your TOTAL sale coupon.  You just present your app to the salesperson when you check out, and za-zing--money saved.  How cool is that? Then I found that there were all the remaining Spring stems on sale for, can you believe, 80% off!  AND, hold on now, it turns out it was ALSO Missouri's "Tax Free Weekend" and Michael's was participating!!! So, I came home with a huge bag full of "Spring" flowers, of which I chose colors that could easily work in Summer or Fall, for a grand whopping total of $22.76.  Out of that I used only about $14.00 worth to make a pretty arrangement for our front porch.

Now for the bad news; I'm not much of a floral designer.  But since when has that ever stopped me?  I spread out all of the goodies on the kitchen counter and began pretending that I am. Soon I was having lots of fun snipping and arranging just like I was good at it.

After finishing I just dropped a few heavy rocks into the bottom of the basket to keep it from blowing away.  That was a good thing, because it has already stayed put after a heck of a thunderstorm.  And it is still sitting pretty!

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