Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Pike Place Market...

 My most favorite place to eat Mexican food, on a balcony where you can see everything.

Speaking of Mexican food--peppers anyone?

This musician stole my heart with his beautiful swaying and dancing to such sadly melodic music.  I'd never appreciated the accordion prior to that.
There is nothing more beautiful than fresh, healthy food!
Sweetface posing in front of Market art. :-)
We loved the outsider art in an alley below the market.  It appears to be the best place in town for graffiti artists to display their talent.
Have you ever seen gum art? Now you have!
And MORE gum art--dripping everywhere! (Sadly I had no chewed gum to add.)
More musicians (and mascots) in front of the nearby hostel.
Farewell, Seattle--until next time.

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