Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Pike Place Market

    I promised you more photos of our trip to Seattle last week.  These are a few pics of the wonderfully colorful Pike Place Market.  Enjoy...

Gorgeous bunches of fresh flowers everywhere--and SO cheap!  But we couldn't buy...we were in a hotel room. (Waaah!)

But we did buy a DVD of this "Squirrel Butter" Bluegrass Band--loved the clogging!

This is the famous fish market where they throw large fish around, entertaining customers all day--fun!

We also bought a CD from this Acapella Gospel Group.  Their soulful songs were Holy Ghost inspired, and brought tears to my eyes. 
They are singing in front of the Original Starbucks (where folks line up for a block to get inside.  And, yes, Sweetface got his coffee, plus a Pike Place mug for me!)

Neon Signs Galore!

Was wishing I could buy fresh produce to take home--but not a $25.00 per bag for luggage!

     I have still more to share with you next time!

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  1. What a fun (and musical) trip Linda! Hope you didn't get hit by a flying fish. :)