Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Perfect Day at the Art Fair

It was one of those rare for St. Louis perfect-weather days--just gorgeous. And, fortunately, Janine and I had planned a girl's' day out together. We left at the crack of dawn and went to a very nice Estate Sale, loaded up the car, and then headed for the art fair in Clayton. Neither of us bought anything there this year  (we did eat plenty though), but we did load up on lots of free inspiration and took home lots of brochures to contemplate purchasing online later. 

How about getting one of these creative mannekins for displaying your clothes on eBay?
You can order one at www.ArabellasMetal.com

Or you can find a great "Fobot" at www.iFobot.com

Or get a nice multi-media dress at www.thespringgallery.com

Or just watch the clowns while you consume frozen yogurt and steak sliders.

Then dance to the musical entertainment on the main stage.
This is the "Whiskey Morning Band."

You will be sure to return next year! (I sure will!)

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