Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A New Business in the Family

Gretchen, our 14 year old granddaughter, has decided to launch a new baking business of her own.  After much deliberation with Grandfather she decided to name it "Gretchen's Homemade Goodies." Since she loves to bake, this is the perfect cottage industry for her! 

We were there the day she launched her new business, which consists of  baking fresh muffins  in the evening and then selling them door-to-door the next day, with the assistance of Sofie pulling the wagon.

She was assisted by her sisters, Heidi and Sofie, in wrapping each muffin individually in pink Saran wrap, and then tying a curled bow on top with curling ribbon, and then very precisely cutting off the excess wrap.  All of this was very carefully overseen by Gretchen as she baked almost a hundred muffins on Friday afternoon and evening.

The next day Gretchen loaded up the red wagon with pans full of  Pumpkin-Chocolate-Chip Muffins (which were quite moist and tasty, I must say!)

Then while Heidi and Ben biked up and down the neighborhood streets,

 Sofie carefully pulled the wagon loaded with goodies along behind Gretchen as she knocked patiently on each door, until every single muffin was sold (except for the few that she gave away in payment for services rendered to siblings and gifts to kind neighbors.) Sofie, of course, had to bring along her stuffed pet hamster in the wagon. :-) 

I had taken Gretchen a flat gathering basket that had been my mother's, and it was perfect for carrying a few muffins, along with "free samples" of muffins, to each door.  My Mom was there in spirit I'm sure.  Gretchen even made her own business cards by handwriting and stamping them.

Now each weekend when the Mississippi weather allows Gretchen can be seen selling her baked goods, to the delight of her hungry neighbors.

Care for a muffin anyone?

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