Saturday, January 12, 2013

Four Quilts Done

Well, I couldn't talk about this before Christmas because it was a surprise for the four grandchildren.  But I made them each a throw quilt of their very own.  It felt good to get that checked off my To Do list.

A while back I took all of my Aunt Grace type fabric scraps, cut them into squares and made them into half square triangles, paired with white fabric.  To do this you simply cut  printed fabric squares of whatever size you want, place them face to face with a white fabric square of the same size,  and then sew diagonally across the middle of the square.  Then cut the fabric 1/4" on each side of that diagonal stitching.  Press it open and you have one "half square triangle."  Easy!

Then I had a large pile of squares, ready to be assembled into a quilt. So I gave the pile of squares to the girls and told them to take turns selecting which square they wanted in their quilt until all the squares were gone.  Then I had each girl arrange her squares into a design she liked.  Gretchen chose the diagonal arrangement in the first photo.  Heidi, above, arranged hers in a zig-zag pattern.  And Sofie arranged hers in the repeat pattern below.  Which do you like best?

Then I taught each of them how to use the sewing machine and how to stitch her squares into rows.  After they sewed the squares together I taught them how to sew the rows together.  Of course, being their First Quilt, the seams are not all "perfect", but I think they did a very good job!  Then I took their tops home and finished them as a Christmas surprise.  I think they were happy!

But that left poor little Ben without a quilt of his own--not fair!  So I found a jellyroll pack that had been sitting around for a couple of years and created a quilt just for him.  It used up the whole pack and turned out quite nicely, I think.  Ben was a happy boy!

To make this quilt you just sew four 2" jellyroll strips of fabrics together in random order.  I like to alternate darks and lights.  (Or user fabric widths if you are using yardage.) Then press them flat, measure how high the four strips are, from top to bottom, and that is your measurement for your squares.  These were 2" strips, so the finished measurement was 6 1/2" (remember the top and bottom strips are 1/4" wider than the middle strips.)  So I cut each square 6 1/2" wide to match the height.

Then you lay two blocks face to face, each going in the opposite direction, one horizontal, the other vertical.

Stitch all the way around the outside of the square.
Then you cut across the two square diagonally twice, in an X, and you have 4 triangles in front of you.

Open up each triangle and you have four squares!
 Each side of the square has rows going in opposite directions.

Then press open your squares, sew them together into rows,

 and you have a quilt top.

I found this pattern on You Tube by searching for jelly roll quilt.
There I found this how-to video by Jenny at the Missouri Star Quilt Co.
You can find it HERE.

 What have you created lately? 


  1. The quilts are lovely and it looks like the kids love them. How could they not love them, Grandma made them especially for them.
    Hugs Jackie

  2. have soooo many talents and such an eye for beauty. Thank you for sharing with us mere mortals.

  3. I love love love the quilts!! What a wonderful teaching project for the girls and what a treasure when you finished them.