Saturday, January 5, 2013

Good News from Colorado

We visited son Daniel and his wife Sarah, prior to leaving their apartment at the University of Colorado School of Mines in Golden for a new phase of their lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.   There Dan will continue his PhD research at Los Alamos and Sarah will continue work on her master's degree nearby.  Dan and Sarah are quite the beautiful, devoted couple.  Sweet Sarah makes Daniel a very happy young man.
We also visited with daughter Erin who attends Colorado Christian University nearby. Her boyfriend, Sean, also attends there.  We so enjoyed a few days catching up with all of them, as well as getting together with Sarah's and Sean's parents--all delightful people. 

 We enjoyed walking in Golden, even though it was cold.

Clear Creek runs right alongside the Golden Hotel.

Golden is a picturesque town that we will miss very much.



Erin and Sarah are best friends.
As are Erin and her Dad.

Here are Erin and Sean at the movie theater,
where we all enjoyed "The Hobbit" premiere.

Unknown to me at the time, my DH and Sean had a man-to-man conversation while we were there. Sean asked Sweetface for permission to ask Erin for her hand in marriage, and after a good talk, permission was granted. (Do I need to tell you what a wonderful young man he is--and how much we adore him???) A few days after we returned home we got a phone call from a very happy, excited Erin. "Guess what! Sean just asked me to marry him!" Of course, she said, "Yes!" We are very thankful to start out our new year with some
Very Good News!


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