Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Creating A Thrifty Spring Wreath

Another thing I came across in the studio when I was reorganizing it was a collection of real eggs that I was given by a friend a couple of years ago.  Yes, you read that right--two years ago!  I intentionally saved them and let them dry out on their own without emptying them. 

My friend, Joy Stinger, sells eggs from her eclectic collection exotic chickens, so they are a fascinating assortment of sizes and colors.  I think I even found some quail eggs in there. 

 So what to do? Make a wreath for spring, of course!  I was determined to use what I already had whenever possible, so all I had to buy was a grapevine wreath.  Did you know, by the way, that you can download Apps for Michael's Crafts, Joanne's Fabrics, etc. onto your smartphone, and just have them scanned as you pay at the store? That's what I did to buy this wreath for only $2.65, including tax. 

I gathered up an assortment of vintage millinery flowers and ribbons from my "treasures" collection (some might mistakenly call it "junk".) 

A yard of leafy-looking ribbon provided the greenery.  Then I began glueing everything in place until I was happy with the results.

I even found a cheerful little vintage canary! 
He had been waiting for decades to be given a home where he could shine.

I hung it on the wall in my studio.

What have you made lately? 
Are you looking forward to Spring, like I am?