Friday, February 8, 2013

Frugal Friday

As promised, here are a few little things I did to economize this week:

     Have you ever had the edges start coming loose around the bottom of your throw rugs? It can ruin them. So I searched through the rolls of carpet tape at the hardware store and found just the thing--a rubber backed sticky, wide tape.  With that and a needle and thread for the fraying corners I managed to repair two rugs. 

     I repaired various items in my repair basket, including replacing a tassel on one of my scarves, stitching up a seam in my favorite cozy houseshoes, and repairing a seam in one of our heating rice bags (more on those later!).  It's good to keep a repair basket and a sewing kit right next to your favorite chair for fixing what's torn at odd moments while watching TV in the evenings.

     Sewed a button on a thrift store sweater and made it like new!  Can you believe someone donated this wonderful sage green wool cardigan because the button was missing?  Their loss--my gain! I found what had to be the most perfect dark green button in my button jar, and there is no way this is going to my Ebay store!

     And, last but not least, I actually colored my own hair for the first time in many years--and I like it!  I do have the most wonderful hairdresser (I love her!), but I wasn't feeling well and had to cancel my last appointment.  Then I kept forgetting to reschedule, and since it takes a good three weeks to get an appointment, my roots kept growing out. Which reminded me that I am not fond of the color "Dark Mouse." So, I screwed up my courage and purchased a box of Clairol, and figured if it came out really horrible I could give my hairdresser an emergency "911" call.  Amazingly, I was quite happy with the results.  So here I am, gorgeous hair, gorgeous sweater, and wearing one of my gorgeous homemade felt Valentine pins! All on the Really Cheap! :-)  
     Please click below on "Comments" and let me know what frugal thing you have done lately.  Sometimes I think I am talking to air, but I know from the ever-increasing hits that you are out there. Please share! 


  1. I'm out here! :) I was proud of myself the other day when I reinforced the button on my beloved winter coat. This is the 11th winter I've worn it (I bought it when my husband and I were just dating and we've been married 10.5 years now!). Also, I broke my Pampered Chef stoneware muffin pan (a $5 yard sale find brand new!) in the sink and then used it to make another batch of muffins in the nine muffin holes that were left, ha ha! I started to feel that was a little too "trashy" though and threw it away after that. I've been monitoring Ebay for one under $20 to replace it.
    Also, I'm considering sending my Coach purse (a cast-off from my sister years ago) back to the company to get it repaired. The lining of one of the pockets has a whole in it so things drop out into the main part of the purse. I think Coach will repair it for only the cost of shipping. So this is frugal because it would be instead of just buying another Coach purse (on consignment, of course!).

    1. Wow, I didn't know that Coach does free repairs on their handbags. I wonder if Pampered Chef replaces their items when they break. I know a friend who got her broken name brand pan replaced for free by the company. It might be worth checking. Thanks for the info! Linda

  2. Yes, we are here, listening and taking notes! Your hair looks great! Told you, you could do it!!!! $$$ ca-Ching!!!!