Friday, February 22, 2013

Frugal Friday

So what were my pursuits in the Frugaldom Quest this week? 

I repaired the vintage scrap quilt, using fabric bits from my existing scrap bin.  
Cost=zero  (And, in fact, it will make money for us on Ebay!)

I created a Spring Wreath using real eggs, which were given to me, and vintage flowers and ribbons and bird from my Found Objects collection.  One thing I really love about frugality is that it encourages me to spend time in my studio when I otherwise would not give myself the time to do the creative things I love. It is so good for the soul.  Cost= $2.65 for grapevine wreath, using half price coupon.

I made a lot of gift bags for my Ebay jewelry customers using vintage wallpaper samples
that I had in my "junk" papers collection.  I love how they turned out!  Cost=zero

And, lastly, I added several nice tops to my wardrobe, compliments of a sale at my favorite thrift shop.  I should probably put some of them on Ebay; but can I part with any of them? They were all very nice name brand clothes, like new--one actually was new with the extra buttons still attached, the crocheted sweater from Spiegel.  Another thing I like about thrift shops is that many, like this one, are tax-exempt organizations, so you pay no tax, on top of the already low prices.  The total cost for ALL of them was less than $15.00!  Honestly, you couldn't have bought a single one for anywhere near that amount, so I am happy, thrifty, and feeling nifty! It seems that I get compliments on my thrift shop finds much more often than on the clothes that I pay retail for--that really makes me smile!

Have you had any Frugal Pursuits this week?


  1. Hi Linda - The gift bags are gorgeous! What a great idea for selling jewelry on EBay. Thanks for sharing. Shirley in Washington

    1. I'm so glad you like them--let us know if you make some,too! Linda

  2. I learned a lot from your blog. Thanks!