Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Frugal Inspiration

      One way that I find helps me to keep on track regarding keeping my household  financially above water is to read inspirational materials.  Of course, I love blogs, and where else do I do most of my reading except on great blogs? I have found many inspiring words of encouragement from other homemakers online.  I would like to introduce you to my current Favorite Frugal Blogger,"The Frugal Queen" (Click HERE).  
      I won't steal her thunder by telling you her story, but lets just say she inspires me every time I go to her blog.  She calls herself "Froogs", short for Frugal, she lives in the United Kingdom, and she and her DH have been amazingly doggedly successful at getting out of debt.  Now they are doubling down on their mortgage.  I love reading British blogs in part because they often use an entirely foreign (to me!) English language--I think you will enjoy trying to figure out what a gammon joint recipe is all about, as well as other quirky words as well. Please visit her blog, and while you are there be aware that she needs your vote to be chosen again this year for a prestigious Blogger Award--she will give you the details on how to vote for her there.  Enjoy! 

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