Sunday, February 3, 2013

Making Felt Valentine Pins

In my continued effort to be thrifty as well as crafty I decided to create some felt
 Valentine pins in advance of a time that always sneaks up on me--Valentine's Day. 

For a pattern I just took the pin a friend had made for me last year (she got the idea from a similar one she saw on a trip to Finland) and used that as my template.

To create one yourself simply draw a nice heart shape that you like as your finished pin size (or copy a shape you like) and then cut out two 1/4" smaller each hearts to fit inside that one.  I used old manilla file folders and some cardboard out of some cat food boxes as template materials.  

You will also need three colors of felt squares from your craft store in Black, Red and White (or off-white), along with plenty of glue, and some large self-adhesive pin backs. That and a good pair of crafting scissors and some pens or markers, with an assortment of old white buttons, and you are good to go.  I made a dozen heart pins in all, and it was easy and fun.

After cutting out a Small White, Medium Red, and Large Dark felt heart in your felt, then use your Small heart template to cut out a cardboard stiffening layer and glue the cardboard heart on both sides to your Dark Black bottom heart and your Medium Red felt heart to adhere them together. Since you used the smallest heart template, it won't show in between those two larger sizes of hearts.  This keeps your pin stiff so everything stays together.

 Then glue the Small White heart on top of the Medium Red felt heart.  Then choose a variety of sizes of old white buttons from your collection and carefully glue them around the edges of the White felt heart with a dot of glue for each one. (This is one reason why I always salvage any kind of button off of old clothes that aren't worth donating. I have several jars full of different colors of button.) Try to mix up the sizes and shades of white buttons a bit.

Let that all sit until dry.  

Then come back and press a self-adhesive (or sew a non-adhesive) large pin back to the back of your lovely Button Heart Pin.

Isn't that pretty!

I think I'll even put one in my Ebay store. :-) 

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