Monday, February 25, 2013

My eBay Assistants

     We have our Grandchildren here again, and that means Grandmother has her eBay assistants again--hurray!  They are like all children in that (1) They love helping.  (2) They love working.  (3) They love getting paid for working.  And I love that! This week we are working on getting a whole lot of "new" shoes and clothes listed in my store.

Sofie and Ben are the Shoe Cleaning and Spiffing Up Department

Heidi, with her fancy new Nikon camera that she saved up and bought herself,
 is our Excellent Photography Department.

Gretchen is the Research and Listing Department

    They are all rightfully proud of the great job they do, cheerfully and efficiently.  Of course when they are here we spend plenty of time playing, watching movies, and going to interesting, fun places--but not all of the time.  I really do believe that children are much happier when they have work to do, rather than being constantly shuttled around from one activity to another, or being entertained all of the time.  It creates character in them, rather than encouraging them to be spoiled and lazy.  Do I sound old fashioned? That really doesn't bother me in the least.  How do you think children should spend their time?


  1. I agree. Look at all they have learned from the ebay job. and I bet they watch to see if what they help list will sell.

  2. You bet, they really like to hear when their items sold. LOL! Linda

  3. They are darling, what a wonderful Grandmother you are. They are going to be great business owners some day!! Can i borrow them?

    1. You might not be able to afford their rates. :-)