Monday, February 18, 2013

Where This Woman Creates

      Since I straightened the studio last week I thought I'd better quickly get some pics up before I mess it up again.  (Which I am dong already!) I don't think it is possible to be creative and neat all at the same time.   But it does help to clean up in between projects.  The trick is to not have too many projects going at once.  So here is my upstairs studio, a welcome respite for me, for pets, for friends, and most of all for grandchildren. I will start with the stairway and the "garden" overlooking it.  

At the top of the stairs stands my antique seed display, 
which works wonderfully for rubber stamps and paper storage.
One of my best auction buys!

The long utilitarian table works great for small groups or one big messy project by me.

This antique cabinet was once in my grandfather's antique shop.
Today it holds my fabric stash and on top are my collection
 of ribbons and trims in antique candy jars.

This large rectangular ironing board is a favorite tool of mine. 
 I not only iron our clothes on it, but it provides tons of room for ironing large quilts
 or fabric projects.  You can find directions for making one online;
 it just lays on top of a regular ironing board.

An overview of the other side of the studio.

My three friends, Pfaff (with her built-in quilting foot), Bernina (the serger), 
and Singer (Sweetface's mother's circa 50's sewing machine.)

My favorite place to sit and hand stitch while watching TV.

Some of my supplies.

The green frog was the last little gift my Dad bought my Mom
before she passed away.
The rat is me.  (Chinese birth year symbol.)   :-)  

Some of the grandchildren's artwork.

Some of my mixed-media artwork.

Now I'm really in the mood to create more! 
 I will show you what I'm working on next time.
What are you doing creatively?
Please share a comment!


  1. You are so organized love it , inspires me