Thursday, March 14, 2013

Frugal Friday

I haven't done Frugal Friday in a couple of weeks, 
so here are a couple of suggestions for stretching your dollars:

Get your DH to clean out his junk (er--treasure trove in the Man Cave) 
and list the stuff he isn't using anymore on Ebay.
Here is Sweetface doing just that--and he brought in over $700.00!

Feed four hungry grandchildren on the Cheap--at Sam's Club!
We all five stuffed ourselves with hot dogs, pizza, and a huge soda
for less than $12.00!

Then maybe you can afford to take them to the Bounce jumping and playing
establishment in your home town--and let them use up all that energy!

It's fun to be frugal!  
What are your best suggestions? Leave us a comment please!


  1. I will always remember that day. For more reasons than one. :-) Gretchen