Monday, March 4, 2013

Fun With Grandchildren

   It was great having the grandchildren here last week.  Besides keeping up with homeschooling and working on Ebay projects, some shopping, church,
 cooking and baking,  we did other things, too. 

We went to the orchid show at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

I gave more crochet lessons; Sofie is learning to do her Single Crochet stitches, Gretchen and Heidi and learning to read hat patterns so they can use their Single and Double crochet skills.

  Heidi was almost finished with her cap before they left yesterday. 
Here are Gretchen in the cap she made and Sofie in the cap I made for her.

But I think the thing they enjoyed most, being from Mississippi, was sledding in our snow.

Hopefully they will return soon! 

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