Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's Still Winter Here

Here in St. Louis we had a one day teaser of glorious sunshine and 70 degrees, 
and then back to the deepfreeze, dreary, dark and grey winter weather. 
 It gets discouraging to get your hopes up only to have to wait!

  Even this Red Flicker woodpecker on our deck looks disgusted.  

Why does God get our hopes up only to again say, "Wait...not quite yet"?
Why can we never seem to enjoy immediate gratification?
But we know that He always keeps His promises....

Remember His past faithfulness.
Be of good cheer.
Beautiful days are just around the corner!


  1. Same here in Scotland its been a long winter with no respite yet! Hopefully better days are just around the corner. Really enjoy your blog :-)

    1. Thanks, Mary! By the way, my family is of Scottish descent, and so is my husband's. Hope to visit that lovely place one day--in warmer weather! Linda