Thursday, March 28, 2013

Making Baby Booties

Last week I promised to show you how to make the little baby booties that I gave to our neighbor for her Grandma Shower.  (Congratulations, Dianne and Gary, on your beautiful Granddaughter, who came earlier than predicted due to her eagerness to enjoy all of her pretty little gifts!!!)  So here is what you do...

For the pattern go to (Click HERE), and print it off. 
The  website where I got this is a wonderful wealth of craft designs: (The Purl Bee)
(I changed my booties a bit from the way they made them.)
Then cut out the pattern pieces and assemble your other supplies:
* Good quality felt in the color of your choice*
Matching embroidery thread (I used the full 6 thread thickness of DMC)
* Tapestry Needle and Threader
* Scissors

Cut out two of each pattern pieces (4 in all.)
Put a tiny snip in the back edge of each one to mark the centers.

Over lap each shoe top in the opposite direction, and  pin it in place.
Then carefully pin the shoe top onto the shoe bottom.
Then, starting in the back, carefully Button Hole Stitch
(some call it Blanket Stitch) the top and bottom together.
Here is a You Tube tutorial on that stitch:  (HERE)
Then sew the other bootie, but with top crossed over the opposite direction.

Then embroider a little "Lazy Daisy" flower through the center fronts.
Here is a YouTube tutorial on that stitch: (HERE)
That holds it together, but has enough give to allow a little foot access.

Add a little home made card to match for a sweet little gift!
Then enjoy the Baby!





  1. Thank you. These are the perfect slippers to adorn the feet of our little princess!

  2. Replies
    1. Anything that goes on teeny baby feet has to be gorgeous, don't you think? :-)