Monday, March 25, 2013

Thunder Snow!

     Oh my--we had a "thunder snow storm" yesterday here in the St. Louis area! Complete with record breaking snowfall.  Yes, and thunder! When Sweetface and I got up in the morning it had not yet started snowing.  By 9:00 it began; bucketfuls  He hurried out and filled the bird feeders, thankfully, so the birds loved him.  So did the cat, who watches the birds.  It was SO beautiful to watch...

Our screened porch was closed in by the wet heavy snow sticking to the screens.

A Red Flicker at the suet feeder.

A Titmouse on the railing post.

This morning the birds were still foraging on the deck, including a Cardinal.

I even saw a lone doe tiptoeing through the woods, but wasn't fast enough to capture her.

     Last year at this time we were enjoying 75 sunny degrees.  This year, record breaking snows for the month of March.  Just yesterday we got 12.6 inches.  Quite possibly a couple of inches more today.  Fortunately most of us were able to stay home and enjoy watching from inside our cozy homes--how thankful we are here for that! 

     AND, thankfully, the night before Sweetface and I made a run to the grocery store to get pre-storm provisions.  That definitely included a large bunch of white Tulips--one of my favorites! The first I've seen this season.  HAD to have them.  I mean really!!! (I do have my priorities, you know.)  Are you keeping warm while waiting for Spring?


  1. Loved the photo fifth from the top - it looks like a magical fairy land.
    Photo on your screened in porch looks like a big wave out the back.

    1. Thanks so much. It really is lovely, but hopefully it will melt FAST!!!