Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baby Shower--for a Horse??

Yes, Becky & Bob's horse, Page is expecting! Due date is May 19th.  So, of course, a baby shower is in order.  After all, Page is a first time Mom, and has nothing in her nursery as yet.  So friends and family gathered at the farm to make sure the new (boy? girl?) will be set up.

Page is a Percheron.  She was bred by the Amish who use this large breed for farming.
Page is very excited, even though she has been confined to the barn for now.
So Jessie and Beuford, the Missouri Mules, had to give us all carriage rides.

Down at the lodge we all partied with food and gifts for the anticipated new arrival.

Scented soaps from Herbaria were lovely gifts for the guests.

Agrini told her mommy, "If I wear that dress I will look like a Girl Cowboy!"

Perfect cake from The Cakery!

Baby was given lots of fruits and veggies...

And a baby bottle in case it is needed, plus lots of brushes, sponges, ropes, and wraps...

and Becky received a nice wrap herself!
The large pacifier squeaks...

so Yale jumped up on the table, thinking it must be for him.
We think Bob and Becky will be the perfect new Grandparents!


  1. Linda, These photos are wonderful! I feel as if we were able to be there after all. The scarf looks fabulous on Becky. She asked me Sunday where she could get another one for her friend!

    Thanks for posting. In case anyone out there also wants to buy little soaps for shower or party favors, they can order on the Herbaria website, Nancy

    1. The soaps were simply delicious smelling. I will have to make an outing to Herbaria soon!