Friday, April 26, 2013

 Missouri Country Roads

      One of my worst faults (Can you believe she is admitting to more than one?) is that I tend to postpone pleasure to work on the "To Do" list.  Life passes me by while my nose is buried in the obscurity of "getting something done today."  We have had so few nice weather days lately that  yesterday I threw caution to the wind and took the day off to run around with my friend, LaVonna.  It was an isolated sunny day in the midst of many cold, rainy spring days, even though a bit cool.  I'm so glad we did!
We headed out into the country, beyond paved roads, and through the woods.
LaVonna is the supreme Explorer-of-Obscure-Country-Roads type of girlfriend!
We passed many swollen creeks and streams due to recent flooding in the Midwest.
The moss-covered, stony hillsides are so enticing.
Even though the Redbuds and Dogwoods are just barely starting to bloom you can find tiny 
 flowers blooming happily on the woodland floor like this wild Phlox.
I dearly love Bluebells.
I forgot the name of these cheery little white blossoms.  Did you ever read, "Hinds Feet on High Places" by Hannah Hurnard Smith?  (My favorite-ever book!) These remind me of the little flower called, "Acceptance-With-Joy."  (Read more here.)
Our trip had to take a U-turn when we approached a washed out bridge. LaVonna wanted to drive across, but "Chief Chicken" said, "No way!" and jumped out of the car.  It takes only a few inches of water to wash a car downstream, and too many people drown every year from taking that chance.
So we did the only logical thing.  From there we turned around and went to Montelle Winery, in Defiance, which has a majestic view of the reason I love Missouri wine country.  The rolling wooded hills, and meandering roads dotted with farms, houses, and church steeples.  In the far top left you can see the engorged Missouri River. (I totally forgot about the fact that I had an appointment for the sprinkler system guys to come and open our sprinklers--who cares? It's raining every day!)
Here's to enjoying every beautiful day.


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