Thursday, April 18, 2013

Emergency Trip For Fabric

      Have you ever had one of those emergency trips to buy just the right fabric?  Even if the fabric store is 40 miles away? Because you know that is just the right shop to carry just the kind of fabric you Must Have Right Now--for a Very Special Project?  That was exactly why I drove to Helen's Hen House in Florissant, Missouri, the other day.  They carry gorgeous replicas of Vintage and Civil War Era fabrics.  And it was definitely worth the drive, as I was not disappointed!
Helen's Hen House is in a very old, historical house, as full of charm as the quilt shop.

Proprietor Christy Starr was on duty, as usual, making customers feel at home.

      Of course I can't walk into a quilt shop anywhere in the St. Louis area without running into someone I know.  I was delighted to run into Carol Foley who had just finished taking a class.  She and I both worked at Patches Quilt Shop at least 20 years ago in St. Charles.  Carol is as sweet as ever.

      It took an enormous amount of self control to just buy the fabric I actually needed, and nothing more.  (But I can always go back!)

   But I had two pieces of embroidery that I took off of two old, stained linens, that just had
to be made into tote bags.  Both pieces were off of old tablecloths. One had nothing but the words; the other had nothing but the teapots. But they were crying out to be put together!

      And I thought this fabric was just the right look for it--Vintage with just the right colors.
Watch tomorrow for the finished product!



  1. Hi Linda - I LOVE the embroidered teapot! Vintage and adorable! Can't wait to see the finished tote. Thanks again for sharing. Shirley in Washington

    1. Thanks, Shirley. I will post it later today. Just finished the housework and must domy Ebay work, then I will put up a new post. Linda