Sunday, April 21, 2013

Glass Domes

     I like glass domes. They protect the item they cover. They have a way of making the items inside look more important. I think they are nice looking, too. Here are a few glass domes I found in my own home. Most are odds and ends that I picked up here and there and sat on a pretty vintage plate of some kind.

     This one covers the musical Bride & Groom that my Mother gave us when Sweetface and
 I got married.  It plays the theme from "Love Story."  It is very special to me.
      This one covers a sweet little glittered doggie figurine.  It is sitting on a floral Staffordshire plate. (Sorry for the glare on some of these--not sure how to get rid of that.)
This dome is over an old figurine of an elegant 1920-ish stylish lady and a deer.
It is sitting on an antique gold-rimmed glass plate.
     This is a large dome that protects a faux-owl made of feathers from adventurous kitties in our house. I would love to have a real, preserved owl in it, but this little guy is a pretty good substitute. He is sitting in a metalwork toleware sculpture of woodland flowers. I scored this dome at an auction.

      This is a piece of artwork I created from an old broken clock.  I discarded the clock but painted the brass  dome base black and covered the bottom with black felt. Inside is a real butterfly I found dead on the ground, on a preserved berry twig, alongside a rose from my Dad's grave that I pressed, and at the bottom is a tiny faux nest with eggs.  It all represents death and resurrected, new life in Christ. I always think of flying away to heaven when I look at it.  Do you have any glass domes in your house?

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