Friday, April 19, 2013

"How Do You Take Your Tea?"

I finished it just last night before bedtime.
It is made out of two Vintage tablecloths.
One was sadly stained.
The other was unfinished, with words on just three sides--nothing else.
(Oh, Lord, please let's don't let me die with Unfinished Projects stuck away in a closet!)
Making it took me several evening hours in the studio,
and an 80 mile round-trip to get Just The Perfect Fabric.
But I think it was worth it.

And--I don't believe I actually did this--I put it up on a 7-Day Auction in my Ebay store.
Here's proof: (Click Here)
I started it out at $19.99, to cover my costs.
If it doesn't sell well I will be embarrassed!
And I will never do that again!!!
Wish me luck. :-)


  1. Hi Linda - I just linked up to your Ebay store and saw that this tote has bid to over $30. Wow - congrats! It turned out sooooo cute! Shirley in Washington

    1. Thank you, Shirley--I'm excited watching it. :-) Linda

  2. Well done with your bag and your auction - ones that I have sold in the past tend to make 4.99 so I gave up! Yours looks to be doing just fine
    Have a lovely weekend
    Best wishes

    1. Jenny, I would LOVE to purchase one of your bags! Do send me your contact info. :-) Linda