Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Cleaning for Fun & Profit

     Sweetface and I have apparently been bitten by the spring cleaning bug.  I normally like to do "spring cleaning" year 'round.  One room or project per month works well to keep it all from being just too much. 
      But something about spring ("Do you think it's the sunshine making all her dust and clutter much more obvious?") just gets us in the mood to clean and reorganize.  Thus far we have tackled dusting the upper reaches of our entry hall, started cleaning and reorganizing the basement ("What are her chances of that ever getting finished--have you seen her Ebay "Shipping Department"--sheesh!"), and last weekend was nice enough for us to get out and clean the porch/deck/patio mess from all the bird feeding this winter--messy!
     Today I finished listing a ton or so of winter coats and excess clothing from our closets; really nice, quality things that we just aren't wearing enough to justify their cramming into closets. We donate the slightly worn items and I list the clothes that are like new name brand items. 

    But the most enjoyable thing I have tackled in the past week was spending a day in the upstairs guestroom where I keep all of my collected vintage linens.  It has become such a passion that an entire large clothes rack plus tall chest of drawers are overflowing with vintage goodness. 

     I started thinking it needed reorganizing (something I do love to do now and then!) so I sorted through it all.  I ended up with nice, neat drawers full of things I plan to mostly list on Ebay soon--lacey, crocheted doilies, old handmade doll and baby clothes, vintage gloves, potholders, and beautifully embroidered dresser scarves and pillowcases.

     And--this is the best part--I sorted into a separate pile all of the Not-Perfect linens and gave myself permission to use them to make other things.  I started making tote bags with some of them.  One I gave to a friend, and one I gave to myself.  There are many more to go! Maybe I will even list some of the yet-to-be-created tote bags on Ebay?

Here is the drying rack full of embroidered linens and crocheted laces:

     I love the quirky, funny ones best.  And the sweet ones.  And the ones we don't, unfortunately, take the time to use much anymore.  Like the ones my Grandmother used to spend hours making.

     I will show you what I already made in my next blog post! Have you done any spring cleaning yet? Do you have any collections that you need to sort and organize? Do you ever re-make un-useable vintage items into useable things? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. LOVE the red work, plus all the beautiful crocheted items. And there is just something sensuous about ladies' gloves....

  2. I just love the collection of vintage gloves just beautiful!

    1. I hate to admit it, but I am old enough to remember wearing gloves like that--yikes!!! Easter Sunday, with the "Jackie Kennedy" hat. That was quite the thing. :-)