Friday, April 5, 2013

Vintage Linens, Recycled

      As I mentioned in my last post, I have started to reuse my vintage linens that are less that "perfect", thus worth next to nothing on Ebay or elsewhere.  But I cannot just get rid of them or let them continue to lie, unused, in my collection.  ("Does she possibly have enough already?  How long is she going to keep collecting, for heaven's sake!") So--perfect excuse to create something with them!  This was an embroidered cotton dishtowel that needed to be made into something.  Isn't that the cutest duck? (Actually, I think it may be a goose?)

      I started by going to the local quilt shop and finding the (Perfect!) little yellow print with bunnies and ducks printed on it.  Then I began cutting up my towel.
      I found the (Perfect!) scrap of old cotton crocheted lace to add to it!  I used another old, aged plain dish towel as the inside lining. 
      Next thing you know, I had created this (Adorable!) Ducky tote bag for a friend!
      Then I cut out embroidery from two other imperfect dishtowels that I thought went together like it was meant to be! Bunnies eating carrots  for the top panel and another with just carrots, for the pocket. I found another short piece of crocheted lace just long enough to go across the top of the pocket in the (Perfect!) yellow.  I used the same bunnies and duckies printed cotton fabric for the outside, and leftover pieces from the dishtowels for the lining.
      Here is my new (Fun!) tote bag.  Happy Dance!!!
This could definitely become addicting.
Have you made anything "new" out of old things?


  1. Hi Linda - Your tote bags are absolutely adorable! I love your idea of re-purposing vintage linens. For Christmas, one of my sister-in-laws, used vintage linens and fabrics to make aprons. The aprons were beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Shirley in Washington

  2. How cute are those bags? Nice job.....

    1. Thank you very much--but how can you not make something really cute out of such sweet embroidery! :-)