Friday, April 12, 2013

What We Do Before Our Daily Chores

      Are you a "To Do List" maker like I am?  I have an ongoing list of things to do each day of the week (which is VERY flexible, believe me!), and another list of special tasks to get done, hopefully anyway, "This "Week".  So I think of those as my daily chores.
  But have you ever considered all the things you have to do BEFORE you can get around to doing your "daily chores"?  Just off the top of my head I can think of several activities that I normally get done before starting my daily work, in very random order:
- Make breakfast.
- Clean up breakfast.
- Empty the dishwasher
- Make the bed.
- Clean up, dress and put on makeup.
- Clean up the bathroom.
- Have "Quiet Time" for prayer and journaling.
- Straighten/pick-up through the house.
- Let the cats out on the porch. 
- Let the cats in.
- Feed the cats.
- Scoop the kitty litter.
- Check emails.
- Make/return phone calls.
- Plan dinner.
- Throw a load of laundry in the washer.
- Pack and label Ebay shipments.
      If I ever get the mistaken idea that I have "too much to do" I remember reading the journals of women who lived before us without all of the freedom our modern
conveniences afford us.  Such as one Martha Ballard who wrote in 1795,
"I have been at home.  Did the house work..Drove Densmore's
swine out of the corn,  and mended the fence."
      Ha! I have yet to have to chase swine and mend the fence AFTER doing the housework.  (But I do remember my Aunt Jo leaving her housework to chase down the neighbor's bull that had gotten loose.)
        Abigail Adams wrote in her journal in 1783,
"Well orderd home is my chief delight, and the affectionate domestick wife
with the Relative Duties which accompany that character my highest ambition."
      I think I would have liked Abigail very much. What do you do every day before starting your daily work? Do you keep a daily routine of tasks? Do you enjoy "Home Making"? Or is it a daily Chore?

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