Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Tree Falls The Way It Leans

      We have been trying for a year to find someone to come out and cut down a dead oak tree in our back yard.  It amazes me how unreliable some people are who pretend to want to work and tell you they want your job, and then don't show up to do it.  So when "Pedro" told me he would come and give me an estimate on removing our tree and didn't show up I figured here we go again.  So I gave him a call and asked what the problem was that he didn't show up and he did come out that day, gave me a price and said he would do the job. Hurray!  The day came and I called Pedro, just as a reminder, at 9:00 a.m. to ask him when he would be coming out.  "Oh, I tried to call you and couldn't reach you, but I went out of town and I won't get back in time to do the job today.  I will come tomorrow."  When I told him I was having difficulty believing that he was reliable he relented and said, "Okay, I will be there today.  I will bring my men and we will be there this afternoon."  I was skeptical. 
      But around 4:00 pm Pedro showed up with two men--hurray!  I went out and reminded Pedro and his men how important it was to my husband that they very carefully remove our fence sections in the way of the tree they were going to drop into the woods behind us before cutting it up, and they assured me that they would be very careful.  I was so pleased with how carefully they removed two sections of fence with great care.  Then they fastened a rope to the tree and the two men went far out into the woods to pull it in the right direction while Pedro expertly cut down the tree.  I stood and watched, in abject horror, as the tree entirely missed the large gaping hole where they had removed two sections, and dropped the tree SMACK onto the fence! Ooops.... 
     Pedro was very apologetic about that.  I almost felt sorry for him.  He assured me that, "Oh, I also make fences for people, so I will fix it for you right away."  He took away the broken slats and the bottom cross brace, along with the name of the stain that I had used to paint the fence, and said he would be back "tomorrow."  That was nearly a week ago.  But, then again, it has rained almost constantly since then.  


     So I am hopeful that Pedro will show up again and repair the fence.  IF he wants to get paid, anyway. Meanwhile we have an empty spot in the back yard, as well as an empty spot in the fence.  Worse things  could happen. 

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