Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Tweet Tale

     It's always a happy surprise to discover a nest on our front door.

Especially when it has five teensy tiny little Sparrow eggs nestled inside.  

Here is how they looked the first day I found them hatched.
And here is how they grew...



By this time they were all five so fat they could barely squeeze themselves into the nest.
The next day when I opened the door to take a photo
I was startled when two of them flew away!
The next day when I checked they were all gone.
I was so happy for them.  How precious new life is.
This is sure to bring a tear of joy to your eye: (Click Here)


  1. How wonderfull were your photos....thank you for sharing!

  2. Please come visit their cousins growing up on the wreath on my front door. So adorable little balls of fluff.

    1. They are a blessing, even though they leave a mess to clean up after they fly away. Kind of like children.

  3. How amazing and what fantastic pictures!