Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Family Fun

      Sorry I went AWOL there for a few days, but we had lots of family here for Mother's Day.  My brother and his family, son Scot, son Todd and his brood were all here.  We ate at lot, talked and laughed a lot--the typical things families do on such a day.  Great fun.  Then yesterday Sweetface took a vacation day from work so we could go with Todd's family to The Missouri Botanical Gardens, and then to Forest Park. 
 The weather was delightful, which always makes things more pleasant.  The grandchildren enjoyed romping around, feeding fish, ducks and even turtles.
Getting horseback rides--of a sort.
Then we went to the Forest Park Boathouse restaurant.
Ben chowed down on BBQ ribs.
Sofie wore my hat.
We all ate great food.
Then went out for a friendly paddleboat race.
Sweetface steered us to victory.
It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.
Todd's family will be with us all week, so I might not be posting every day.
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