Wednesday, May 1, 2013

First Blog Anniversary--Why I Blogged

      One year ago on May 1st I took a deep breath, pressed "Publish", and started this little blog called "Home For Good."  There were several reasons for starting it.  One was that I had always wanted to blog myself because I so enjoy reading other blogs.  Reading a personal blog feels like the excitement you feel when you take a walk on a warm summer's night after dark and get to look through your neighbor's front windows as you pass by for a glimpse of their home and their lives-- it's kind of like peeking into someone else's life.  But with a blog one gets to pick and choose what they expose to the world (another good thing.)
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      Another reason I started this blog was for the creative outlet it would provide for me at a very dark and difficult time in my life.  I was smack in the middle of long extended family ordeal (not knowing at the time when--if ever--it would be over.)  The grief, anger, stress, and fear were crushing.  I desperately needed to think of something else on which to focus, even if only for a few moments a day.  I wanted something to do that would force me to think about the good and beautiful moments in the world at the very time that I was totally withdrawn from it.  I wanted to reach out while simultaneously keeping the world at arm's length.  Pain is like that.  You don't want to talk about it.  But I could talk here, behind my keyboard, about safe and comforting things.  I hoped I could even make a difference to someone else, unknowingly, who was going through a similar kind of quiet desperation.  Maybe I did.  I will never know.  But I did help me.  I kept my eyes on the computer screen day after day, week after week, trying to think of something good, or kind, or at least safe, to write about.  Sporadically.  Irregularly.  But more or less at least I was Out There on the Ethernet, trying at least to connect with Someone. 
     Of course, I had to learn the rudimentary basics of How to Blog.  A Very Huge Challenge for me, the self-appointed Techno-Tard of the family.  If not for my most patient and kind and longsuffering Sweetface, who put up with many tears and tantrums and bad behavior about computer-related things, I could never have even attempted such a thing as blogging!  I still have not done many of the things I hope to do to make this blog more interesting, but I am hopeful that as the months go by I will be able to learn, to tweak and to make it a more welcoming place for my visitors. 
      And I took pictures.  I got out the new camera that Sweetface had bought for me that had laid unattended for months.  I finally read the instruction manual and figured out how to at least snap a basic shot.  I am still trying to learn how to use it properly.  Blogging is helping with that, too.  I took pictures of my home, my family, my friends and close neighbors, my pets, my surroundings.  It changes one's perspective to figuratively look through the eye of a camera lens when you go through your normal routine.  It forces you to see the beauty in the mundane. It makes you seek out the good, the interesting, the precious that you would otherwise have overlooked.
      And I wrote about kindness, like the kind stranger that I met the first time I ventured out to the bookstore in an attempt to feel the old "normal" again.  I could remember the happy moments I had spent in the past, sitting in a comfy chair at Barnes & Noble, sipping hot tea, many times with Sweetface, sometimes on bitter cold, snowy days.  Maybe if I went there again just for a few moments I would remember what it felt like to be carefree again.  And there she was--the kindly Angel, who reached out to me, not knowing at all how frightened and alone I was feeling.  I hope one day to do just that same thing for someone else.  A lesson remembered--to be kind to the most unsuspecting strangers.
      And finally, when the family emergency was finally resolved by my Good and Faithful Lord God, I wrote about that, too.  Not in so many words, but quietly, secretly and ever so thankfully.  Today all is well once again.  I appreciate that every moment of every day.           And for that reason I hope to keep blogging.  It has been a lonely exercise. I have not touched many lives and I have not received a lot of feedback; no surprise there.  But I am hopeful that as I mend I will have more to offer.  There is not a lot to share from an empty cup.  Today my cup runs over, with gratitude for my family, for my world and for everyday life,  even though I now know it is not as safe as I once thought--and for my God who I know beyond the shadow of a doubt keeps His promises, even though He never promised we would not suffer while we wait.  While I waited, I kept writing in my journal, and I started writing down the words I heard Him telling me in my little "Keep Calm and Carry On" notebook, and I kept blogging as often as I could.
     I have changed, I am sure, at least to some degree, since our family nightmare began.  I am not as lighthearted as I once was.  I am not as silly or flippant or irreverent.  But hopefully I am not a bit more thoughtful.  More understanding of others going through situations that I could never have imagined before.  And surely I am more grateful for the smallest of blessings that I took for grated at one time.  But hopefully, as day upon uneventful day piles up, I will return to my "Normal Self" (whatever that might be!) and step out into the world again, smiling and confident.  In the meantime, I think I will try to keep blogging.  I am so thankful for the encouragement a handful of kind souls have offered by taking a moment to click on "Comments" over the past year to say, in effect, I care about you.  That has kept me blogging most of all. 
      As a sincere "Thank You!" to everyone who leaves a comment anytime over the next month, I am doing my very first Gift Giveaway.  I am not quite sure how to do it technically (if you have any tips please write to me!), but I plan write the name of each person each time they leave a comment.  If you mention and link "HomeForGood" on your blog let me know and you will get an extra entry.  Then I will put them all in a bowl and have Sweetface draw out a winner on May 30th.  Here is the gift I have made for my giveaway:
 I will tell you more about it on my next post!
So leave a comment by clicking below, and tell me why you would
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Here's to a very good year for us all.


  1. Happy 1st Anniversary Linda. I have not been following you for that long but I really enjoy your blog so keep on going. I think your so talented with all your craft work too. Best wishes from Scotland!
    Mary x

    1. Thank you, Mary, for the kind words. You get TWO entries for this comment, as it was the first! However, I'm wondering if your time zone gave you an unfair advantage? :-)

  2. Congratulations on ONE year! I have enjoyed your blogs because they always include beautiful photos, wonderful tips and humor. Linda, please keep have sooo much more to share.

    1. So sweet of you to say so; what an encouragement you always have been dear Dianne! It is good to have women like you in our lives.

  3. Hello Linda - Thanks so much for taking the time to share why you blog! It was from your heart and touched mine. God bless you for your desire to share and help others. I am not sure your comment about not touching many others is true! I think you would be surprised at the lives touched and the seeds planted. Blessings, Shirley in Washington

  4. Sweet Shirley in Washington, you are such a blessing to me!

  5. Yours is one of my favorite blogs - keep it up - the world is out there and just because people don't take the time to comment it does not mean they have not visited your blog. If you are to just influence one life in a positive way you will get many blogger stars in heaven.
    Thank you...

  6. Thank you j9--I would love getting many stars in blogger heaven!!!