Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Not BBQ Weather

      Just an idea of some of the cloudy weather we have had over the Memorial Day Weekend.  Fortunately there was nothing too stormy, as bad as these clouds looked.  Sweetface and I got together with friends a couple of times, got caught up on the "Honey-Do List", and even managed to get some rest. 
     Most of all, though, we tried to remember the great sacrifice our brave military heroes have made to secure our freedom.  This is the flag we always hang on such special occasions.  It was once flying with son Todd in the cockpit of his F-15 fighter jet on his 14th mission over the Gulf No-Fly Zone.  Today Todd flies for Fed-Ex and is in the Air Force Reserves. 
      But whether or not we have done military duty, we can all make America a safer and better place by simply being the best human beings we can be.  God blesses those nations that serve Him.  As William Penn once wrote, "Those people who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants."  Anyone watching the scandals in Washington, D.C., should be well aware of that.  Pray for America that political fascism does not drown our hard-won right to speak freely and live without persecution for our political beliefs.


  1. Awesome photo of the cloud cover. I am forwarding to some California friends...seeing is believing.

    Well said regarding our Beloved Country!!


  2. It would be a shame after sending so many Sons and Daughters into harm's way to protect our freedoms, to have them usurped by corruption from within!